Margaryta Kulichova, aka Grisly Faye, started her band in the beginning of 2014 in Warsaw. Since then she had over 9 tours, which is over 60 concerts in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Germany and The Netherlands.

City and nature are deeply connected in the Grisly Faye music. As if the dance music that belongs to the city would absorb the singing of birds and move to the forest. You might think that you already know that image, it seems to be hidden somewhere in the archives of your memory, but whether it truly exists yet remains a sweet mystery.

Using field recording as her main instrument, Margot’s been collecting sounds and inspirations all over the world. Her first EP “Drown” was recorded between Warsaw, Kyiv, Cracow and the Carpathians and released in the end of 2014. After the European tour in the beginning of 2016 she’s released LP “From Far Away”. The title track of this album is an old Dutch song about the sailor – “Op Zee”, that was written in Utrecht and later recorded, produced and mixed in Ukraine.
The latest release “Khvylyam” was rather an experiment. All of the lyrics are in Ukrainian, and the track was produced on the island using the energy of sun and wind.

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