Margaryta Kulichova is a singer-songwriter, producer, composer, and sound designer. Working under the experimental pop moniker Grisly Faye since 2014.

She has produced numerous tours across Europe and The United States, took part in the One Beat 2018 program that has chosen 25 musicians from all over the world for the intensive residency, social activities, and tour in Fall 2018.

Released 2 albums and numerous singles with the music videos. Was nominated for the 2020 best film composer by the Ukrainian Film Academy. Directed and performed multiple site-specific performances, such as an outdoor concert for the organ and electronics. Made an orchestration and staged the show for the Band of the Military Music Center of Ukrainian Ground Forces, and currently working on the collaborative production with the Phoenix Soul and Gospel Choir Edinburgh.

In 2020 started the Ph.D. in sound design for film.

Currently based in Lisbon, Portugal

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